Choosing Change

Starting something new in January begins with choosing to change the way we see our bodies: ‘I can’t even look at pictures of myself’‘I need to lose at least 2 stone before I can look in the mirror again’.

For many, sharing how much we feel ashamed of our bodies is as much as part of everyday conversation as the British obsession with the weather. The backing track to our lives which has a singular message, 'You are not enough'. 

As women we exist in a world in which at every turn we are told to shrink ourselves and in order to fit in, we suppress our true selves and in turn limit our potential. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to our own bodies.

Is it any surprise we are so unforgiving of ourselves when we exist in a media narrative that we are intrinsically not enough. A narrative which reaches boiling point in January, in the wake of Christmas excesses, the diet industry sells us a vision of change and body transformation which collectively tramples women’s self esteem.

Don’t we deserve better than this? 

When it comes to our bodies, not only are we drowned out by our inner critics, but we face a wall of pressure and prejudice which in effect makes it even harder to succeed.

Consider for example how men have hobbies and women the amorphous (and seemingly selfish, ‘me time’. How can women thrive and make the space to get active when society effectively punishes them for doing so?

Then of course there is the way in which success is measured, a number of a scale or the fit of a pair of leggings. An image to be judged, not a woman made of flesh and bone, whose mental wellbeing may well be transformed by taking the time to get active. 

This is why we launched emily alice, simple products to support you and your body. 

Your time is precious, so they aren’t complicated. A capsule collection you can take on the go.

Making space for the things that matter

When we came up with the idea for emily alice we set out to create something that is simple, affordable and effective. You don’t need a blender or a complex meal planning regime. Our supplements are all in capsule form designed to fit into your busy life and through your letterbox.

So, this January I am asking you to Choose Change, not just when it comes to making the time and space to get active, but in making a pledge to prioritise yourself. Exercise should not be a form of punishment, but an act of self love. 

So meet me on the mat, on the pavement, on your bike, on your walk. Meet me in your space. Meet me as you are. Meet me with no apologies and no regret for who you are. At emily alice we are here to support you with that change with no judgement. Once you start, we are here to help you #KeepGoing!

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