About our capsules

The key to supplements is active ingredients. But in a market flooded with choices it sometimes hard to see the good from the bad.

Active ingredients give you the vitamins and minerals you'll need to get the most from your exercise and wellness routine.

When choosing supplements, it goes without saying, read the list of ingredients with care, and where possible try to avoid the following - 


As the name suggests fillers are there simply to top up a capsule but adding no notable health benefit. This is something we never do. All our capsules are brimming with active ingredients, supporting you to reach your goals.


We make capsules, not tablets. Tablets have no outer vegetable casing so require binders to act as a glue holding the ingredients together.

Colourings & flavourings

We like green, it's our brand after all, but our capsules are not coloured in any way. Adding colourings to capsules might appeal to the marketing department but it adds nothing and takes up vital space in each capsule that could be taken up with active ingredients. We do not add any flavourings to our capsules for the same reason. Swallowed with a sip of water or juice, you simply won't taste the capsule.

Flow agents

We are one of a small number of supplement companies that does not use any flow agents, commonly known as excipients. Supplements are made in factories, and in order to process the ingredients most factories rely of flow agents help push the powdered ingredients through their machines. Not only do excipients take up valuable space in capsules, but some can negatively impact on the absorption of active ingredients into the body.


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